The Resort

The awe of the people of the company Τekton manufacturing ( for the area of Trikala gave the ability and the inspiration for creating an exceptional resort of Finnish chalet ,( which is a par with corresponding European alpine resorts. At the moment the resort is made up of 17 chalet.The resortʼs location is such that visitors feel the flowing atmospheric changes of Ziria.Along with the amazing and clear view of the Korinthian Gulf and the fir tree forest of Ziria,a fantastic canvas of sights, sounds and sentimental impressions is created.Your stay at the resort concludes as an unforgettable life experience.


The philosophy

Do you believe that a house built from wood can allow you to relive your childhood dreams?

Wood as the most basic and useful material nature offers us, it provides energy and creates pleasant situations and emotions.

The calmness and warmth found in nature and forests can be felt when staying in a house made of wood.


The advantages

The wood used for the construction of the chalet, it is Nordic Pine (Pinus sylvestris the Finnish plant FINNBAR).The quality of it is the best in Europe. The Pdic wood is very hard, very compact (large specific gravity), has a small absorption, high thermal insulation and has a slow combustion rate.

The construction of the Finnish housing is in accordance with the scaffolding regulation (Euro code 5) and is much more secure, lightweight, has more flexible joints, that all other structures fiord in Greece. Moreover, most of the imports Finnish wood carried out by Japan, a country with the highest seismic activity.

The lifespan of Finnish houses is significantly higher than that of conventional buildings with some houses 500 years old.


Ecological building

The main advantage of these constructions is the absence of chemicals and other ingredients harmful to humans. Thus the housing is 100% organic.