Lake Dasiou

Lake Dasiou is located at the NW base of mountain Killini , which has an altitude of 1480 meters. It is 2.5 km away from the sports center of Ziria and 8.5 km from Ano Trikala

It is a natural lake which in winter is created by concentrations of water on the plateau of Ζireia and in summer is transformed into a lush meadow.

The lake transforms into an endless ice rink in winter due to low temperature.

The rich biodiversity around the lake, the plateau and the valley of Flampouritsas have entered the region in NATURA as part with particular interest to be protected.

Lake Stymphalia

Stymphalia is the marshy lake of  mountain  Korinthia.It is located on a plateau at an altitude 600 meters between the mountains and Kyllini Oligyrtos. The depth is approximately 10 meters, has fresh water and its extent  spreads over 7,700 acres in winter and 3,500 acres in summer.

The Stymphalia is one of those rare wetland areas of the Peloponnese, which is haven for 133 species protected birds, endangered and many migratory birds.

The lake Stymfalia is connected with the sixth labor of Hercules who in the region faced the Stymphalian Birds.

Lake Glory

The lake is an artificial lake at an altitude of 900m, which is located in Feneos Korinthia 35 km from Ano Trikala. The construction was completed in the late 1990s, and was based on watercourse/stream Doxa that flows in that region.

The surrounding of 5 km perimeter is an ideal place for hiking and cycling.The lake is surrounded by three towering mountains of the Peloponnese Ziria with altitude 2374  meters , Helmos with altitude 2355 meters and the Dourdouvana at 2109 meters. The existence of these mountains around the lake create a spectacular alpine scenery.


Found at the East side of Ziria at a height of 1700m is the place that was loved by Ermis in ancient times. In the cave anyone can admire the perfect art of nature that unfolds in 7 rooms “decorated” by massive stalactites and stalagmites which demonstrate the million years of the age of the cave.