Τhe ski center

From 2007 in Ziria operates a small ski center well organised. There is a kidsʼ ski lift with a length 200m for our small friends with a ski teacher offered by the municipality of Xilokastro. For adults there is an excellent track of 700m at the beginning of a red track ending at a blue, which is served by a sliding lift.

The access to the ski area is from the provincial road 10km from Ano Trikala and the resort


Mountain path

The mountain path is organized by the Grand Chalet. A magical journey into the most distinguished centennial Platanus, Ziria. Throughout the journey, until the 1700 meters,our company was the sound and images from the crystal clear tumbling waters of the mountain ,providing an incredible feeling clean energy and wellness.


The Chalet

On the ski slopes there is a large car park ,rental ski equipment, as well as a large warm chalet with superb views, many drinks, snacks and sweets.

A major positive factor has to be the great energy of the people there.


Cross training

The activity of cross training took place at 1550 meters in a green valley of Ziria surrounded by the fir and pine trees. Rapporteurs and beacons of activity George Petalas and Nick Xrysafis, athletes with great experience and awards  in National and International level. For example George Petalas holds 20 Greek Athletic Championships in cycling, 15 Balkan and 1 pan-European.


Offers Ski

The Grand chalet in cooperation with the people in the ski center Ziria gives you the ability to have equipment and a ski instructor at the time you have requested.


Apart from the ability for an instant supply of equipment and instructors,Grand chalet offers many discount packages.


Life coaching

This course of Life Coaching took place at the premises of the Grand Chalet in two periods, 1 day lecture and 2ND day practice in form of debate. Life Coaching is a service with a priority focus on personal development. Rapporteur of the seminar was Michael Papaioannou a graduate of ΤΕΦΑΑ- Wellness specialist, decathlete and consultant of NLP Coaching.



Unique financial package for three people or more.

A Jeep picks you from the chalet with the destination of ski Ziria where the snowmobile with an exclusive driver and the right equipment are waiting for you to live a magnificent adventure. At the end of the adventure and a hot drink the jeep takes you safely back to your chalet.

For the more extreme groups this can take place at night.


Power yoga

In a stunning sample of Greeceʼs natural environment we are able to participate in Power Yoga. Water, evergreen Valley and snowy mountains form the scene of Lake Doxa next to Ancient Feneo. Such a place is ideal for spiritual exercise with X. Manolidou, who holds many studies on the philosophy of yoga in general and managed to guide us to refreshing our body and sοul.



It was a great honor for the Grand Chalet resort to have been visited by Nick Eleftheriou and his family. He achieved more than 30 Pan-Hellenic championships, of which 10 were continuous, amongst his many European achievements. All these in combination with his coaching successes with two athletes led him to be Greeceʼs number 1 archer. In a competition at Lake Doxa, Nick and his wife set up, helped us experience the first weapon that gave Greeks the ability to attack from a distance.


Horse Riding

In co-operation with the free horse riding club in the area, we invite you to get to know these wonderful animals.For this reason we organise for you individual and group horse riding lessons for all ages along with amazing rides to the mountains for the more experienced.


Jeeping tour

Two superbly equipped eight-seater Land Rover Defenders collect your friends outside the chalet taking you safely to magical lakes ,remote Alpine villages and admirable landscapes within the ski slopes of Ziria.

After the two-hour or four-hour trip, your food and coffee , the Defenders take you safely back to your chalet.


Flight by helicopter

Grand Chalet enables customers to have the experience of a lifetime, a flight in a helicopter over Ziria.

For the adventurous the helicopter leaves you with your ski equipment  in natural slopes close to the top of the mountain 2500 meters above sea level.